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High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408
  • High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408
  • High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408

High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408

Place of Origin ZhuZhou, China
Brand Name Speed
Model Number SCMT
Product Details
Product Name:
Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT
Yellow, Copper, Black, Blue Color And DLC Colorful Coating
Cvd & Pvd Coating
Higher Wear Resistance
Delivery Time:
3-5 Days
OEM & ODM Available
100% New Raw Materials

Carbide Turning Insert SCMT120408




High Finishing Carbide Turning Insert

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD 1.22-1.38 pcs
Packaging Details
plastic boxes
Delivery Time
3-5 working days
Payment Terms
Western Union, T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

SCMT120408 SCMT433 Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 High Finishing for Cnc Medium Machining


Products Description 



  1. 100% Virgin Raw Material
  2. German Dorst machine make perfect quality
  3. High wear resistance and strength
  4. Sharp edge
  5. Smooth surface and high finishing
  6. Selected materials
  7. Optional specifications
  8. Great performance


Brand Speed
Model SCMT120408/120404/09T308/09T304
Color yellow, copper, black, blue color and DLC colorful coating
Workpiece Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, Aluminum and etc.,
Type Turning Tools
Package 10pcs/box
Coating pvd and cvd 
Weight 0.015kg
Usage External Turning tools
Hardness 20-65HRC
Material Tungsten Cardide Inserts
Processing Type Medium Cutting




  Our SCMT tungsten carbide Turning Inserts is made of imported base material with advanced high precision, which enhances the quality of the blade, high hardness, good ductility, high finish, thick coating, stable performance and improves the processing efficiency. The unique coating process, fine and smooth, no drip marks, reduce surface friction, so that the cutting resistance is smaller. The high heat resistance and cobalt rich gradient structure cemented carbide matrix makes SCMT tungsten carbide inserts have a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness. The SCMT blades are sintered at 5000 ℃ to remove impurities, and sprayed by 1000 ℃ stress accumulation. The unique coating process makes the processing more stable, smooth cutting, good chip removal performance, not easy to produce chip buildup, and the processing surface has good smoothnes. And the carbide inserts are sharp and thick, so that the cutting speed is fast but not easy to break. It has wide range of application, applicable to step surface processing, model profiling processing, grooving cutting, slope processing, and could to be processed alloy steel, soft steel, carbon steel, medium steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium alloy


please send me your requirements to us, we will recommend the best suitable grade.


  Products Detail:

  • Sharp edge, reduce friction, reduce wear and lower cost
  • Small thermal expansion, not easy to deform and high thermal conductivity
  • Reduce resistance, smooth cutting and smooth chip removal


High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408 0


  • Usually black color for hard steel, yellow color for soft steel, copper color for stainless steel, choose the suitable coating make your process more easier.
  • Different angles are suitable for different processing
    R0.4 corner radius: Finishing Process
    R0.8 corner radius: Semi-finishing Process
    R1.2 corer radius: Roughing​ Process

High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408 1




 1. Our perfect edge treatments, and every pieces can stand the test.


 2. Longer tools service life will improve your working efficiency.


High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408 2High Finishing Carbide Turning Inserts SCMT09T304 SCMT120408 3




1. SCMT carbide turning inserts shall not be bumped or dropped on the ground and please be handled with care.


2. Before installing the SCMT carbide turning blade, please confirm the performance and use of operation table, and the cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the inserts is consistent with the rotation direction of the operation table. Please pay attention to don't install in the opposite direction. The wrong installation direction may cause the blade serrations to fall off, in case of accidents.


3. After installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the center hole of the SCMT carbide inserts is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. If necessary, put on a spacer, then, push it lightly by hand to confirm whether the blade rotates eccentrically.


4. When using, do not exceed the specified high speed.


5. When not using, please hang the SCMT inserts upright on a dry rack.



Common questions:

1. Flank wear: 
Effect: Gradual change in workpiece size or loss of surface finish
Reason: Linear speed is too high, and reach to service life of the tool
Measures: Adjust the processing parameters, such as reducing the linear speed and changing to inserts with higher wear resistance


2.Breakdown problem:
Effects: Sudden changes in workpiece size or surface finish, causes sparks and surface burrs
Reason: Inappropriate setting of processing parameters, inappropriate selection of blade material, poor workpiece rigidity, or unstable blade clamping
Measures: Check whether the parameter settings are reasonable, and select the corresponding tool according to the workpiece




1.How can I get your products?

Please send inquiry directly, we will contact you within 12 hours, then we can discuss the details, we can send products to you by express.


2.How can I check your quality?

We can send sample for you to check, our products have 3 times quality check before shipment, after test, you will definitely like the quality.



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